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DNA Isolation and Purification Kit

Extract high quality DNA from microbes within a wide variety of sample types rapidly and efficiently. Our Sox Soil DNA Kits employ patent-pending methodology of bead-beating, silica spin columns, and a unique combination of chemistry, resulting in exceptionally high yields of highly purified DNA. Contaminants, including humic acids and other compounds that inhibit PCR and downstream molecular biology manipulations, are removed from the lysate. Organic solvents and proteinases are not used. Our kits have been validated by successful extraction of DNA from diverse sample types and high-resolution 16S rRNA gene and fungal ITS profiles of DNA preps.

Why use the Sox Kit?

  1. Superior DNA yields with excellent quality

  2. No phenol, chloroform or proteinases used

  3. Effectively removes humid acids and other inhibitors

  4. Convenient bead-beating and spin column protocol

  5. Budget-Friendly

  6. Compatible with all types of soil samples