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Microbiome Services for Life Science

Data Driven Microbiome Analysis

Biology is increasingly data rich, especially when capturing the complex interactions between plants, animals, microbes, and their environment. Effectively analyzing these data can provide meaningful insights into the health, productivity, and functional profile of client samples. At Metagenom Bio, we specialize in the data-driven analysis of the microbiome through species surveys, metagenomics, and genomics.

Through a variety of data and analytics products as well as custom bioinformatics services we can ensure clients receive actionable information from their data. Our analytics platform enables a comprehensive investigation of microbial community membership and functional roles. Metagenom Bio also provides custom solutions for your bioinformatics and analysis needs, including workflow design and implementation. This promotes faster, more reliable analysis and reproducible research within your organization.

Our skilled experienced team will work with you to help understand the microbiome and discover insights within your samples. We offer a range of services to best meet your needs at any stage of the process - work with us from start to finish or let us help you with one or more steps. We are passionate about and committed to producing high-quality results, and will provide you with a Quality Control Report at every stage for peace of mind.

Available Services

Study Design and Consultation

Our technical, microbiology and bioinformatics staff would be happy to consult with you to help design your study to make sure it is robust, and will help answer the questions you are interested in.

Sample Preparation

We will discuss with you the best method of sample collection, preservation and shipping, based on your individual needs, and accept either raw samples or purified DNA. Our Sox DNA Isolation Kit is a powerful and convenient method to extract superior yields of high quality DNA from a wide range of sample types. Alternatively, we can extract DNA from your samples.


Our expert technical staff will prepare and sequence Illumina MiSeq sequencing libraries from your samples. Our sequencing services include marker-gene (16S, 18S and ITS) amplicon sequencing to identify which organisms are present and at what proportion, and metagenomic sequencing of total DNA to identify the types and quantities of organisms and genes present in your samples. We can also sequence the total RNA (metatranscriptome) or custom PCR amplicons of your favourite gene

Bioinformatics Analysis

Whether you’ve sequenced your samples with us or not, our bioinformatics team can use our optimized pipelines for marker-gene and metagenomic pipelines to analyze your data. We can provide in-depth or basic analyses and reports, based on your needs and questions. Our bioinformaticians also have experience with analyzing metatranscriptome data or can work with you on custom workflows