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Microbiome Analysis

Better Microbiome Analysis

Sequence-based investigations into the microbiome can broadly be characterized as who is present (survey) and what are they doing (functional). Our Metagenom-1© framework seeks to address these questions by extrapolating higher resolution metagenomic libraries using our database of analyzed public genomes and metagenomes, microbial dark matter, and curated sequencing projects in conjunction with paired sequencing of client samples.

Metagenom-1© also provides a clear framework for identifying key functional and taxonomic drivers in the microbiome at decreased cost and increased resolution. A major goal of this strategy is to increase the accessibility of meaningful microbial community sequence analysis so that this technology can live up to its promise as a powerful enabler of solutions.

Metagenom-1© Makes it All Possible

Highlights of the Metagnom-1© platform

  1. Metagenomic inference using complete and draft genomes, assembled metagenomes, and microbial dark matter reference data (i.e., far greater detail than currently available)
    1. Allows metagenome extrapolation far beyond typical metagenomic sequencing depth (saves money, directs future sequencing efforts)

  2. Taxonomic characterization of a metagenome
    1. Any gene family, not only common marker genes
    2. Correspondence between metagenome and marker gene analysis, identifying skew

  3. Ecological network analysis to identify community structure and functional relationships among species

  4. Biomarker identification and analysis
    1. Indicator species and indicator function analysis