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About Metagenom Bio Life Science

We are a Microbiome Company

We are a diverse group of people with a passion for a new vision of microbiome research and analysis - 21st century Life Sciences.

We believe the application of innovative DNA extraction and sequencing along with our powerful AI and machine learning enhanced bioinformatics approaches will yield superior results, in unlocking the microbial "Black Box".

Even though microbes have been around since the beginning, there is so much we still do not know. Being a microbiome company, our mission is to continually increase and improve our understanding and knowledge of microbes, their behaviour, and how they interact with each other and the environment.

With progress in the field of genomics combined with improving analytical standards, biologists today are pursuing deeper comprehension of microbiomes. At Metagenom Bio Life Science, we are experts in DNA extraction from low biomass and challenging samples, and the detailed analysis of microbiomes using a proprietary approach called Metagenom-1©. As a research and applications based company, we seek to provide superior and sustainable products and solutions based on microbiome knowledge and control.

We can help the microbes do your dirty work.