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Management Team

Metagenom Bio’s senior management team is composed of a group of seasoned veterans with significant knowledge and expertise in bacterial genetics, molecular biology, metagenomics and bioinformatics.

Patrick Ang


Patrick Ang has over 25 years of finance and management experience in entrepreneurial and multinational corporate settings. He has been in the life science field for over a decade and has been active in pursuing opportunities in developing nascent, innovative and disruptive technologies for applications in agriculture and related industries. Patrick is a CPA from the state of Alabama and received his Master’s in Accounting from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Trevor Charles, Ph.D


Dr. Trevor Charles is our lead science guy and co-founder. He has been doing microbiology for a long time, and has always been fascinated by the ways that plants and microbes interact, and how microbes can be used in beneficial ways to contribute to society (including food production!). Along the way, he has done some cool research at various universities, and published some interesting papers. In his spare time, he is a professor at University of Waterloo.

Bruce Jong


Bruce Jong is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with decades of experience in project management and corporate development. He has started and successfully grown a software company and now extending his skills into managing the combination of agriculture technologies and data.

Jason Chung


Prior to joining Megagenom Bio, Jason has held several positions in finance, operations and entrepreneurship during his 25 year career. While Jason was content with the development of his career, he had a desire to be involved in a truly meaningful endeavor that can enrich and improve the lives of people through sustainable means.

In 2017, Jason had an epiphany that the solutions to a number of the world’s complicated problems may actually lie beneath our feet. Jason decided to join Metagenom Bio to use his tools and skill sets to be a member of a diverse team to unearth solutions to complex issues in our increasingly complicated modern world through the research and understanding of Microbiome.

Jiujun Cheng, Ph.D.


Dr. Cheng is a high-throughput sequencing expert. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Wales, UK, and has over 25 years of experience in microbiology and molecular biology. He has extensive experience in sample preparation and amplicon and metagenomic sequencing.

Michael Lynch, Ph.D.


Dr. Lynch leads our bioinformatics efforts. Michael received his Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo. He has more than seven years experience in microbiome analysis (amplicon and metagenomic) and design and implementation of analysis pipelines. Dr. Lynch is the key architect of Metagenom-1©, a proprietary bioinformatics framework of algorithms.

John Heil, Ph.D.


Dr. Heil is a specialist in inoculant product development and microbial strain construction. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo. He has expertise in the development and implementation of bacterial genome engineering methods, and designing and building bacterial strains.

Elena Zaikova


Dr. Zaikova is a microbial ecologist and genomics scientist with over 10 years of experience in molecular biology and sequence data analysis. She holds a doctorate degree from the University of British Columbia. Elena’s work is focused on using “omics” to explore how organisms and their genes interact, and understand the greater effects of those interactions.

Dr. Zaikova is passionate about contributing her expertise to help improve quality of life, such as developing genomics-based solutions for sustainable agriculture. When not in front of her computer, Elena enjoys talking about science, planning research projects, and can be found enjoying the great outdoors (usually while talking about data and science).